Cerviño 4491, Ciudad Autónoma
de Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 (9) 11 5042-1254


This house is a strip without circulation.


The spaces are developed one after the other, but they have the necessary dimensions and characteristics so that towards the sides an ambiguous space can be generated that is used to circulate, always being an integral part of the spaces.
With different fixed movable lockings, the house can be closed and opened, being able to adapt to the needs and moods of those who inhabit it.


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  • Partners in Charge Arch. Juan Micieli, Lic. Manuel Micieli
  • Year 2012-2015
  • Size 300 m2
  • Type House
  • Team Arch. Alejandro Micieli, Arch. Natalia Arroyo, Arch. Antoine Segurel, Arch. Santiago Velasco
  • Services Provided Project and direction
  • Image Credits Federico Kulekdijian