Cerviño 4491, Ciudad Autónoma
de Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 (9) 11 5042-1254


A reflection is proposed about the densification of the peri-urban. The main problem facing the building is that of responding to two urban fabrics simultaneously, a low-density present and an eventual future where a new urban fabric is consolidated. An envelope structure is proposed with a box-in-box system that responds to both situations in a coherent way.


Towards the exterior, a cut-out white box is assembled to offer different formal and phenomenological situations. It offers a clear and forceful language towards the exterior, while towards the interior it works as a first barrier cutting out the landscape. Inside, the second box responds directly to the programmatic needs of a horizontal property building with two apartments per floor and large balconies for the extension of each one. The apartments take advantage of the total width of the site to generate two or three rooms towards the front and the back. Thanks to the game between the first and the second box, the spaces are more or less open depending on what is required on each occasion, without acting directly on the exterior image. This system allows to offer at the same time a continuous piece towards the outside and to respond to every technical need inside.
Between both boxes appear interstitial spaces that are the spirit of the project. They are used to build terrace balconies on each floor and semi-covered terraces and common spaces on the upper floor. These intermediate spaces are not completely defined as exterior or interior and will have different uses and functions for each moment of the year, for each climate and for each individual. The dialectical tension between the two boxes is used to generate highly expressive spaces. That place in the interstice, that generally unused crack, is where the building is nourished to propose a very suggestive spatiality.


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  • Partners in Charge Arch. Juan Micieli, Lic. Manuel Micieli
  • Year
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  • Size 1.600 m2
  • Tipo Mixed Uses
  • Team Arch. Alejandro Micieli, Arch. Santiago Velasco
  • Services Provided MCL Development
  • Image Credits Federico Kulekdijian