Cerviño 4491, Ciudad Autónoma
de Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 (9) 11 5042-1254


Horizontal property building located in the city of Moreno in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. It is one of the first buildings on a block that recently changed its urban parameters. It works isolated being the main protagonist of the block but at the same time it knows how to respond to the municipal line that will be created as the urban fabric is consolidated.


Intermediate spaces
The “façade” element is reinterpreted from a semiotic, material, programmatic and energy performance point of view.
A “new façade” with “thickness” appears, housing different programs and proposing new spatialities. The boundary between indoor and outdoor is blurred. It is constituted by a superposition of layers, each one adding a function to the facade. From the interior furniture to the exposed brick and the ornamental plates.
While the façade fulfills a programmatic, functional and aesthetic role, it has a high phenomenological value. It can be seen from the inside out but it interrupts the views from the outside. The second skin is positioned to the north, serving as a sunshade and generating an important play of light and shadows that fills the interior spaces with feelings. On the terrace, the second skin continues to give a monolithic reading from the outside, proposing an intermediate space that is neither outdoor nor indoor.
The Facade was designed analogically, generating an arabesque texture reminiscent of cursive writing. The drawing was machined in sheet steel and then underwent an oxidation and fixing treatment. All work was carried out by small-scale local workshops.


1. The building is made up of two bodies that are home to studios or two rooms apartments, respectively.
2. The vertical circulation nucleus articulates both bodies and opens towards the central space.

3. The two bodies are articulated to expand the central space providing views and light.
4. On the top floor there is a double height that connects the terrace and the apartment, achieving a fluid connection between the two, and like a periscope, captures the northern light for the service sectors.


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  • Partners in Charge Arch. Juan Micieli, Lic. Manuel Micieli
  • Year 2014-2016
  • Size 1.200 m2
  • Type Mixed Uses
  • Team Arch. Alejandro Micieli, Arch. Santiago Velasco
  • Services Provided MCL Development
  • Image Credits Federico Kulekdijian, Juan Micieli