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Mil Plazas introduces a comprehensive solution for green spaces in the Moreno district. It addresses the issue in a systemic way that allows for precise solutions for specific situations, while at the same time giving freedom of action to the municipality to be able to adapt to new needs or unforeseen particularities without losing a common language that facilitates the construction and strengthens the district identity.

The preliminary design provides for the intervention of 48 neighborhood-scale squares distributed throughout the district, improving the quality of life of all inhabitants in an equal and equitable manner. Moreno currently has a large number of green spaces that are used daily by all citizens, however, they are very deteriorated and do not allow a proper use. The improvement of the squares will allow new uses to appear, inviting the inhabitants to visit them, offering them quality spaces for meeting and building citizenship.

It is decided to address as many public spaces as possible simultaneously, expanding the number of people who will be favored. For this, a programmatic divider of 18 meters wide will be designed that will adapt to the specific conditions of each square where it is applied. The bar has 14 types of modules that offer various uses: children’s games, calisthenics gym, pergolas, patios, flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, barbecues, grasslands, wetlands, patios with fruit trees, hills, picnic area, sculptures, and playgrounds.

The programmatic dividers organize public spaces, giving a framework to the existing situation, highlighting all the virtues that the area has, its native vegetation, its geographical features, its particular ecosystem, and its cultural spaces rooted in the imaginary of each neighborhood. Allowing the development of cultural, sports and recreational expressions, solidifying the linkage and collective coexistence. Quality spaces will be provided to the neighborhoods that can be used by the neighbors in diverse and indeterminate ways. Plant species were selected to enrich the phenomenological characteristics of the spaces, they will be native, or species that adapt to the local climate, with particular morphologies, colors, and aromas, which allow citizens to enjoy the most beautiful flowers that our country has.

Collaboration: www.pop-arq.com

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  • Partners in Charge Arch. Juan Micieli, Lic. Manuel Micieli
  • Year 2021
  • Size 48 ha
  • Type Governmental
  • Team Galpón estudio
  • Services Provided Preliminary Design
  • Image Credits MCL Studio